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Meet the Founder

Robert Flowers III, also known as Trey Flowers, is a two-time Super Bowl Champion. Flowers’ affinity for the game of football began as a 7-year-old player for the Northern Bulldogs in Huntsville, AL, where he was born and raised. After his dad voluntarily signed him up to play, Flowers found himself to be most intrigued by the physicality of the game. 

From middle-school fullback at Ed White Middle School to defensive lineman at Columbia High School, Flowers was not heavily recruited. After five football scholarship offers and with great deliberation, he decided to make the University of Arkansas his home for the next 4 years of college where he majored in Economics.

The three-year starter at Arkansas had many accolades including Academic Honor Roll, Senior Bowl, Pro Day and a Combine Invite. Flowers was honored to be drafted as a fourth round draft pick, #101 to the New England Patriots.

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Playing only three snaps and battling an injury, Flowers made the best of his rookie year. Overcoming this adversity was the preparation that lead him to his second year in the NFL and first Super Bowl appearance. Flowers was a key leader in defense— best remembered for sacking the quarterback, pushing the team out of field goal range, and ultimately turning the game around for his first Super Bowl Championship! The next year was equally memorable with another Super Bowl visit, demonstrating his leadership on defense.

Flowers finished his first contract with a bang, securing yet another Super Bowl victory by his fourth year. As a result of his leadership and the integral role he played on the defensive line, Flowers was a top free agent in 2019. He landed a 5-year contract with the Detroit Lions and was excited to be stepping into new leadership roles with his new teammates and a few familiar faces.


From the Huntsville Northern Bulldogs to three Super Bowl appearances, Flowers has made great strides in his four years of professional football. He looks forward to more triumphs with the Detroit Lions in the years to come, creating new memories with his teammates, celebrating life’s victories with his family and leaving a legacy through philanthropic endeavors. For more information on Trey Flowers, click here.

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